D3LUSION holders are privileged to obtain a lot of benefits and perks on holding and staking.


$D3L token is the utility as well as governance token of D3LUSION ecosystem powered by Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). It can be used to transact within the ecosystem.


Each D3LUSION NFT while staked will yield 10 $D3L token per day, Which will be further used to buy whitelist, merchandise and upcoming mints)


D3LUSION NFT & $D3L holders will be able to buy whitelists using $D3L token for various hyped projects. (Official merchandise will be added later)

$D3L Staking

Users will be able to stake $D3L or accepted LP tokens to receive $D3L rewards.


After completion of Phase-1 &2 in roadmap, Pills NFT will be airdropped to D3LUSION holders. where holders will be able to use it to claim Delusion animated Mutation NFT (2nd Collection). After the claim Pills NFT will get burned. Mutated D3LUSION collection will have same privilege as the genesis. D3LUSION genesis NFT will yield more $D3L token if staked with Mutated NFT.